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Taunton Family Church is a bible believing Church located in the centre of Taunton, Somerset. We are part of the Newfrontiers family of churches.


We want to grow as a family of God’s people through sincere friendships and love for one another. You will feel at home amongst us whatever your age, present circumstances or your life’s journey to date. Come and join this adventure as we build a great Church in Taunton for God’s glory.



In 2010, Jeff and Lori Moss served in the Yeovil Family Church. Jeff was leading the church as Pastor / Elder and knew God was preparing him to plant again into Taunton.


At the NewFrontiers Bible week that year the Taunton Family Church plant was promoted and volunteers sought. From this we gathered a ‘planting team’ of 20 adults and 3 children.  


Most of us did not know each other so we set about spending time building relationally and prayerfully. With the apostolic commissioning of NewFrontiers we left YFC in October 2010 and began a Home Group to prepare for our public launch in Taunton, February 2011.    


During this time God spoke to us

1.  ‘Do not be afraid to spend the companies money’. This unusual word was most encouraging as together we few could not meet the costs of the young church. Yeovil had generously given us a gift and covered Jeff’s salary for the first year but this word encouraged us not to sit back and be cautious but launch out in faith for finances and expectancy of growth. And so we did, our advertising campaign cost several thousands of pounds and soon brought new folk into our congregation.  


2. A second word came from Jeremiah 30 & 31 and was about expecting to see many people come to us who were Christians but had lost their love for God’s Church. God wanted to restore his sheep. We tailored our advertising in response to this and were thrilled when a high proportion of our new friends were just as God had described they would be. We were encouraged by their enthusiasm in a new opportunity to get involved in God’s purposes and they soon fell in love with his church again. Many of these ‘early’ folk are still with us faithfully serving and helping us build a great church.  


3. We received another word telling us ‘To look for the road signs’ on this adventure. God has and continues to help us with very clear signs as to what we should do and when and what we need to leave for a later time.  


It’s been an exciting journey so far. Our experience has taught us to rely on God, not numbers, to persevere and be faithful. We draw encouragement from our meetings when God’s presence is amongst us. We are continually strengthened when we hear the testimonies of how friends have grown in their love for God and their understanding of His Grace.

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